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The Aim of the Scout Association

The aim of the Scout Association is to encourage the physical, mental and spiritual development of

young people so they may take a constructive place in society.


We offer an enjoyable and attractive scheme of progressive training based upon a

Beaver Promise and Motto. All activities are guided by adult leadership.











































The Beaver Scout Colony

The Beaver Scout Colony is run by Beaver Scout Leaders and Helpers. All leaders are volunteers

who give their time for free and receive special training for their role. The Leaders are responsible

for planning and running a programme of activities and games at Colony meetings and special events.


Colony meetings are held every Thursday between 17.45 and 18.45 during school term time at the Hugo Meynell School


The Beavers work in small groups called Lodges. The Lodges are identified by different colours.


Activities and Awards

Beavers will enjoy a great deal of fun and adventure whilst in the Colony, which will lead to the

award of badges to wear on their uniform. These are given in recognition of the effort made at their own level of understanding and development.

If you have further questions which are not answered here, then please do not hesitate to contact one of the Leaders as follows:



John Hegarty

Beaver Scout Leader



Roger Bloor Group Scout Leader 01782 799262




Find out about all the badges you can get in Beavers

Welcome to the Beaver Colony

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Core Badges Challenge Badges

Activity Badges Staged Activity Badges

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